You are currently viewing 12 OCT – 9 NOV 2019 Caron Hone Exhibition

12 OCT – 9 NOV 2019 Caron Hone Exhibition

I was born in Hertfordshire and attended a local comprehensive school where my love of art was fostered. At the age of 15, I gained a place at Watford School of Art and learnt a variety of techniques and styles which led to me working for a silversmith, designing and making gold and silver jewellery.

A few years later I had a family and my priorities changed. I was always involved with anything that revolved around art and craft, organising art fairs and art clubs in order to raise funding for the schools that my children attended. For many years I worked with vulnerable children and young people and encouraged them to be creative as a form of therapy and self-expression.

Many years later, after my own children had flown the nest my dream was to live in a cottage by the sea, a bit cliché but none the less true. So in 2012 I moved from Buckinghamshire to North Devon, where I get most of my inspiration from, walking the rugged cliff paths along the Devon coastal paths or being immersed in nature and all its beauty, flowers, hedgerows, butterflies, damselflies, the ocean tides and sea creatures, driftwood, shells, sea glass and seaweed. The clear blue skies, the stormy dark grey clouds and the stunning sunsets across the seas.

I have an eclectic collection of mixed media, abstract paintings. Large and small canvases, or small paintings on paper which have been framed. Prints and greetings cards are also available.

Caron Hone