Adult Education Philosophy Course starting 11th Oct 2017

Philosophy: Renewing a shared world – exploring the ideas of Hannah Arendt

Do you find yourself thinking about the world your children and grandchildren will find themselves living in. This course is an opportunity to think about and discuss the future of our shared world, drawing on some of the ideas of Hannah Arendt, a political thinker who tried to understand the nature of evil and what ordinary people can do to try to prevent history from repeating itself.

Hannah Arendt has been described as ‘a Thinker for Dark Times’, this is because however difficult things may appear her message is essentially one of hope.

We will examine, the origins of totalitarianism; the nature of political action; what it means to be human; revolution, violence and thinking itself. Our investigation will make use of our own diverse range of experiences as well as Hannah Arendt’s ideas.

Expect informed presentations with lots of background material, lively discussion, and friendly debate. This course is suitable for all levels of ability and no previous learning or qualifications are required. Everyone is welcome, just bring an open mind.

The course runs at the Beehive on Wednesday mornings (10-12) starting on 11th October for 4 weeks (not including half term on 24th Oct). The course fee is £30 but free places available for those on means tested benefit. For more information visit or ring 0300 303 3464.