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Fiona Hamilton-Attwood Art Exhibition

‘People, Places and a Pumpkin’
by Fiona Hamilton-Attwood
Portrait artist and landscape painter.

17th – 21st Oct & 31st Oct – 14th Nov 2022

Prints in all sizes available to order. Commissions undertaken.

Some information about the artist:

My name is Fiona Hamilton-Attwood, I am married to Lloyd Green, and we live in Wrangway, near Wellington.

I began my teaching career in 1975 with a qualification in Integrated Creative Arts. I taught some wonderful children in Southall for several years but knew I wanted something more for myself. I became a professional actress in 1979 setting up my own company to work in schools as a means of using Drama and Theatre as an educational tool. ‘Unaccompanied Plus’ was adopted by the Royal County of Berkshire as their Theatre in Education Company in 1981.

Lloyd walking our last Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Maizie

Lloyd and I married in 1984, and the call of a mortgage beckoned. I returned to teaching later that year. After losing some of my hearing, the Education Officer for the London Borough of Ealing for whom I worked, offered to fund the cost of a Master’s degree. I studied at Thames Valley University and was awarded a Master’s Degree in English Language Teaching in 1990. The Director invited me to become part of a team of specialist teachers who were working with refugees. I worked in 97 Primary Schools directly supporting refugees, designing materials for use in the classroom and training teachers to work sensitively with their new arrivals. Eventually, my health began to deteriorate, and I retired from teaching in 1992 when Lloyd and I moved to Somerset.

A chance remark, whilst on holiday in Italy, resulted in Lloyd presenting me with all the tools needed to begin drawing again. I enrolled on an Art Class on our return, and I have been painting ever since.

On what would have been my retirement age from teaching, I decided that the time was right to advertise myself as a professional artist. I have exhibited my work for several years; most recently, I launched a solo show in Taunton. I love painting portraits! The biggest challenge of which is to find a likeness! Since the pandemic, I have responded to requests to produce more local images and, together with the portraits, my portfolio includes Wellington and its surrounds, Exmoor and Devon and parts of Italy.