Be a Beehive Techie!

The Beehive really needs some more technical volunteers to help with the digital cinema projector, stage lighting and live sound systems. We currently have a small band of ‘experts’ who are willing to pass their skills on to other volunteers in training courses and ‘hands on’ experience. Each section has different skills and will be treated separately so if you are interested in one or more please get in touch now. Training will begin soon. If you already have some knowledge or experience we will assess this together and choose appropriate training.

Digital Cinema Projection is mainly IT skills and the basic running of a show is fairly straightforward. Programming and downloading film content and management of the server is a second level which can be quite complex. We will split this into three levels of training.

Stage Lighting is part artistic, part digital electronics and part electrical. Running a pre-set show is pretty straightforward but the setting of the lights and programming of the controller can be challenging. We will take this step by step mixing training with hands on experience. The results can be very rewarding.

Live Sound is probably the most complex and will normally take the longest to gain competence with all aspects of it. The Beehive has a lot of sound equipment and provides the sound systems for the majority of performances. Each performance has unique challenges and some lateral thinking is often necessary to resolve problems if they arise. Ideally we would provide 2 sound technicians for most performances. Initially training will be classroom style and then hands on assisting one of the current sound engineers.

We hope you can help us with this and get some valuable training and experience too. You would get to see the shows or films for free too!!


Links: Beehive Technical Equipment, Get Involved