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Beehive talks with Honiton Town Council move forward

A private meeting took place on Thursday 17th October 2019 between representatives from Honiton Town Council and Honiton Community Complex, the charity which runs The Beehive. The two parties have been disputing the interpretation of the funding provisions contained within the 10 year lease agreement signed in 2015 to run The Beehive. At a well-attended council meeting on Monday 14th October, members of the public voiced their frustration and both sides publicly expressed a desire to resolve the matter and move forward.

At the private meeting, the Town Council agreed to provide funds to the Charity which will assure that operations can carry on as normal in the short-term. Discussions will continue to work towards a long-term funding arrangement to ensure The Beehive is able to build on its success and thrive in the future.

Both parties are pleased to report that it was an amicable and productive meeting. The Town Council and the Charity are now fully committed to settling the matter so that the community can continue to benefit from all The Beehive has to offer.

Updated 12/11/19 We’re pleased to report that today an agreement was signed which will trigger the payment of £20,000 from Honiton Town Council. This will secure The Beehive’s funding requirements in the short-term. Discussions regarding future long-term funding of the Beehive will begin with the council next Monday 18th November 2019. Both parties are committed to coming to an arrangement which will ensure The Beehive is able to build on its success and thrive in the future.

21/10/19 –Letter to Town Clerk referencing Honiton Town Council Agenda Item 5 HCC report.

28/10/19 – At the Honiton Town Council meeting on 28th October 2019 the council resolved to pay £20,000 to Honiton Community Complex in order to settle outstanding Lease Payments up until the 30 September 2019. Both sides are now working to agree an annual figure that will be paid instead of the percentage specified in the lease.