Chaplin in Honiton

Charlie Chaplin made millions laugh at his famous ‘Tramp’, one of the most famous cinema images of all time.

And in doing so Chaplin trapped himself inside an image he never truly managed to succeed without. The Tramp earned Chaplin the reputation of ‘genius’ and he propelled him into the worlds of intellectuals and royalty.

In his play, Chaplin, Pip Utton steps in and out of the screen and becomes Charlie Chaplin, stripping away the myths and the moustache and revealing the man beneath a frustrated old actor being trapped within an image.

The private man searching for public recognition for his ‘genius’, whilst the world worships his creation – the Tramp.

According to The British Theatre Guide, “Pip Utton takes us inside Chaplin’s mind, exploring his memories and feelings, and we come away feeling that we really understand the man, that we really have spent an hour in his company. There can be no greater praise than that. Utton’s performances are always master classes in acting.”

Pip Utton will be performing Chaplin at The Beehive, in Honiton on Saturday, January 30.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this award-winning actor performing a really thought-provoking show. Tickets and more details here