Course starting 21 Feb: Exploring the Personal & Political with Raymond Williams’ Key Words.

A new WEA course for adults starting Weds 21st Feb 2018 at the Beehive – for 4 weeks – 10am-12noon

Exploring the Personal and Political with Raymond Williams’ Key Words.

‘Same words – different language’ expresses the experience of discovering that although others appear to be using familiar words they are using them to mean quite different things. Not only have these meanings changed over time they differ between different groups in society and different situations. For example once ‘society’ described a few people who were part of an elite upper class; society ladies and cultured gentlemen. Now everyone claims to be part of society, and everyone can claim a culture of their own. This shift in emphasis is part of a process of democratisation which Raymond Williams, a WEA tutor in the 1950’s called the ‘Long Revolution’ in his 1961 book of the same title.

This course is inspired by Williams’ book ‘Key Words’ (1976) in which he explores the changed meaning of 131 words which reflect changes in society over the last few hundred years.

To participate, you need not be widely read, nor possess specialist knowledge. All you need is a willingness to examine your own experience and use of language in the company of others.

To find out more and enrol visit or ring 0300 303 3464. The course reference is C3529056.

The fee is £32.00 but reduced or free if on qualifying means-tested benefits.