Solar Eclipse exhibition by Dominic Lowther 26th May – 13th June

Dominic Lowther is a local professional photographer living just outside Honiton with his wife and two young boys. He specialises in School portrait photography, Commercial and Corporate photography and also runs DSLR Photography Training Courses to help budding camera enthusiasts to learn how to use their cameras to take better photographs.

“Photographing a Solar Eclipse was an opportunity that I could not resist.” explains Dominic.

“When I heard that I would have to wait until I was 122 years of age before the next eclipse of its type in the UK, I made sure I captured the event this time.

“Slightly out of my comfort zone, it was the first time I had attempted to capture such images but I was very pleased with the results.  The element I like most about the series of 20 photographs on display is the clouds. I don’t think the images would have been so strong and dynamic if the sky had been clear that morning back in March. The clouds help frame the sun’s various profiles as it gradually first hid behind our moon and then re-emerged. By using a very dark filter (Neutral Density filter) other details are visible in some of the series such as cloud textures and, most beautifully, rainbows. I have not digitally created or enhanced the photographs – they capture exactly what happened. These images really make me stop and look, which is what photography is all about.”

The photographs are available to purchase. £40 with the frame, £12 for a print and £15 for a digital copy.

In addition to viewing the photos in the exhibition area at The Beehive, you can view and order any of them via the Online Albums section on the DL Photography website You can also email Dominic with any questions and to place an order. There is also information on the website about the Photography Training Courses which are only £95 for a day course.

“Thank you for coming to see my first exhibition and I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as I do.”