12th Sept: East Devon Death Café

Breathe Life into Conversations about Dying

Death is a natural part of being human and just like taxes we can’t avoid it. We will all experience loss, have our own beliefs and opinions and be faced with a range of choices and decisions that we could make, or will make for others when the time comes.

A survey by the charity Dying Matters reveals that more than 70 per cent of us are uncomfortable talking about death and that less than a third of us have spoken to family members about end-of-life wishes. Organisers of East Devon Death Cafes Emma Kennedy and Gill Amos believe that death should not be a taboo subject and as such people are denied the opportunity to explore their feelings and ideas about death.

At a Death Café people meet in a safe, welcoming space to drink tea and coffee, and eat cake whilst talking about mortality and all that goes with it, so that they can get on with the business of living. The aim is to overcome the taboo of talking about death, to share experience and listen to others. It’s not morbid and certainly won’t kill you! Death Café’s can be very life affirming, sometimes there is sadness but they are supportive and even enjoyable! There is no agenda, anyone trying to lead discussions to any conclusion or sell anything. It is a respectful, supportive and confidential space. It is a discussion group rather than a grief support or counselling session.

Death Cafes are free to attend but places need to be booked as they can be very popular.

Emma’s interest in Death Cafés comes from a personal journey through grief and coming to terms with the idea of death. Emma is a teacher of Ethics and Philosophy. Gill’s experience of supporting friends and family at the end of life and her desire to help others think about what does it means to have a good death has inspired her to co-host these events, she works with Action East Devon as a project coordinator.
More information can be found at www.deathcafe.com
Contact organisers for more details
Gill: 07855117702 Gill.amos@actioneastdevon.org.uk
Emma:07974330549 Emma.kennedy07@yahoo.co.uk