Exhibition: Magna Carta – Fact and Fiction

Visitors to the Beehive will have the opportunity to see Magna Carta in the 800th year of its history from 17 August – 6th September.

A copy of the Great Charter, along with a translation of all 63 clauses will form the centrepiece of an exhibition called  ‘MAGNA CARTA -fact and fiction’

As well as tracing the history of the Charter the expo will reveal some of the myths about it and trace it’s relevance today.

Children are catered for with models  knights, a pop up castle and a quiz and shield competition. Local historian Tony Simpson, who has toured the exhibition to libraries, schools and community venues told us:

‘This is the first time for the exhibition to be a civic venue with council offices which is very relevant.

‘As our  recent Honiton Charter Day and Hot Pennies events shows there is a lot of interest in the middle ages and early English British history. Magna Carta marked a time when many traditions and rights we take for granted were  established. Even today we cannot take our rights for granted so it is good to be reminded of how they were won by people and movements over the centuries. There is a visitors book where people can write comments and leave feedback.’

Later the exhibition can be seen at Colyford Goose Fayre on September 26th. Anyone wanting to hire it should contact me at Tel 01404 548228 or email….

Tony Simpson