You are currently viewing Luke Joyce “Exploring The Expired” exhibition Mar 16th – Apr 16th

Luke Joyce “Exploring The Expired” exhibition Mar 16th – Apr 16th

A photographic journey of places frozen in time.

A unique photography exhibition is to be premiered this year in Devon.

Exeter-based photographer Luke Joyce of Archetype Images has travelled the World to capture these incredible pictures of forgotten places. This free exhibition will take you to places, which have literally never been seen before. From deserted mental asylums and crumbling cathedrals to dilapidated N.A.T.O radar systems. These off-limits locations have meant taking photographs by stealth and travelling by night across Europe, New Zealand and the UK.

This vast body of work will allow audiences to see images that some people would prefer to be hidden away from the public eye. This event showcases pictures from his rollercoaster trips over the last 10 years, which have led him to visit abandoned theme parks, huge deserted industrial zones, underground medical facilities and secret military establishments.

With two confirmed shows this year in Devon, don’t miss this opportunity to see this free exhibition of stunning images, featuring many images taken across the region.

So come and see a hidden world from the camouflaged camera of Luke Joyce… Immerse yourself in the unseen @ EXPLORING THE EXPIRED!