Festival of Imagination – Day 1 programme

Friday, 22nd April in the Liz Tirard Room

Time Speaker Subject
10am Tim Phillips DipArch (Cantab) The Popular Appeal of Good Architecture!A visual tour showing some of the fine structures found in the world, including those of the Renaissance period in Venice
11.30am Naomi Devlin –  Gluten Free author, teacher and eater Gluten-free Cookery’ – followed by a book-signing for her latest book, ‘River Cottage – gluten-free’ published on 14th January.
1pm Dr. Peter Williams – Emeritus Senior Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London. Galaxies, Stars and PlanetsA short tour around the universe – Is there life out there?  
2.30pm John Somers DLC, MEd – Theatre Maker and Dramatist with wide national and international experience. Structuring Drama and TheatreAn explanation of how theatre can be performed in an array of venues and forms
4pm John Somers  DLC, MEd Workshop:  Interactive TheatreDevising a programme for this, so as to ‘understand by doing’


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