Honiton Youth Drama

Honiton Youth Drama are starting regular Thursday after-school workshops for young people of secondary school age during term times. We will be working in two age groups, and each group will be led by an experienced, qualified worker alongside a selection of specialist guest facilitators to teach particular theatre skills. All the workers will have DBS certificates and insurance. Participants do not need to commit to a number of sessions, although we do hope to get regular attendance.

“We are able to offer free workshops thanks to funding from Awards for All. We are hoping to involve young people who may not normally engage with drama sessions, either because they may see it as “not for them” or maybe because of cost. We will be encouraging participants to develop their own ideas, initially from two draft scripts, one of which looks at our health and wellbeing, the other group will look at how technology and the 24 hour market place impacts on young people.”

“We are really excited about this new project as it offers young people who may not have taken part in any drama activity the chance to use drama in a safe, supportive place. We will encourage and support those who may be less confident to take a full part in sessions” says Martin Paine who will be running one of the groups. “The first session will involve everyone so that we can get to know each other, find out what we all want to achieve and to take part in some fun drama activities. Then we intend splitting into the different age groups and working on the separate script ideas.”

“Honiton Youth Drama will encourage the creative process, listening to the participants’ ideas, building confidence and teaching some of the skills of stagecraft including set design, lighting and sound, costume and make up. In the first two terms we will not be working towards performance so there will not be lines to learn; if participants want to develop a performance in term three we will create this with them.“

The session starts with refreshments at 4pm at the Beehive, Dowell Street, Honiton and finishes at 6.30. It would be helpful if people contact us before hand but if they just turn up that will be fine.

Participants only need to email us at martin@danublue.uk  call or text us on 07817273396 to find out more. We will need the participant’s name, address, emergency contact details and any relevant medical information.

Clive Essame & Martin Paine
Honiton Youth Drama