From June 16th – Ian Hosker: Light, texture and form in the natural world

Ian Hosker is a Devon based photographer specialising in capturing the amazing textures and forms that surround us in the natural and man-made environments.

Ian’s first degree was in biology and his early career was in teaching environmental biology at a college in Cheshire. He relocated to East Devon in 1989.

His early experiences as a biologist have been a major influence on his photography, initially as ‘scientific’ imaging to enhance his teaching and research, and later to simply capture the colours, textures and forms in the natural and man-made world that we often fail to appreciate as we rush by.

This selection of photographs is a glimpse into the world of textures and form in nature we fail to see in detail as we go about our daily lives, but can’t fail to find wondrous when we do.

They provide an opportunity to pause and wonder at nature’s creativity.

Ian is currently developing another photographic project for completion in late 2015 or early 2016:

‘Old Honiton’: a glimpse into the remnants of Honiton’s history that remain visible, but the significance of which is perhaps less well known.

Ian Hosker

Tel: 07969 308737