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Ken Evans Art Exhibition

Come and visit our gallery, we currently have Ken Evans’ art exhibition in our gallery space at The Beehive! Please take a moment to read more about Kenneth and his beautiful art pieces. There is also a selection of his gift cards designs available to purchase. We look forward to welcoming you to our gallery.


Ken Evans was born in 1924 in Staffordshire, and was related to the Yeats family through both his parents who were first cousins. Although he had at the age of nine already decided to become an artist, it was not until he was forty seven that he took up painting full-time.

He exhibited widely in the provinces and appeared on television twice. Major London exhibitions included:

Woodstock Gallery
Royal Society of Watercolour Artists Gallery
Royal Society of British Artists
Lord Mayor’s Annual Award
Society of Wildlife Artists
Royal Institute of Oil Painters
Britain in Watercolours

A particular feature of Ken’s work was his use of wax and egg emulsions. Before taking up painting he was a well known cartoonist and illustrator in the fifties and sixties, particularly ‘Skippy’ who was a skipper on a tug-boat in the Sunday Express.