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Memorial plaque in loving memory of Wendy Woolcombe

A plaque in memory of Wendy Woolcombe, who loved her community, was unveiled at The Beehive on Sept 25th 2020. It was the wish of family members who have made a generous donation to The Beehive.

Serena Sexton said: “We are just so very grateful to Daryl, Mandy and Scott, that in order to commemorate Wendy, they have been so kind to help The Beehive and the charity, Honiton Community Complex. Without their help, this community centre would not survive and that is the truth of it.”

Behind the generous donation, brothers Scott and Daryl Dylan had this to say: “Our aunt, Wendy Woolcombe, who died suddenly in the Glen in 2018 loved her community. And the community were amazing when we came up with the idea of having a bench for her placed in the Glen. It showed how much she was truly loved.

Equally, we love and believe in the community as a family, and want to support all the hard work that Serena and her team do here at The Beehive. So in memory of our aunt, we’ve happily come forward to support The Beehive and to enable it to have a future.”