An Evening with Michael Morpurgo

A full house welcomed the author of War Horse, Michael Morpurgo, at the Beehive last week. He was there as Patron to support Villages in Action and gave an exciting and interesting evening’s entertainment to all, young and old.

Modestly admitting that he had no intention of talking about himself, he said he had brought several of his books along to discuss and describe. An abundance of stories followed; amusing, touching, surprising, informative, personal and educational stories about the people and places he has known in his almost forty years of living in Devon. Horses, cats and wild animals came alive again in his conversation. He told us of meeting and listening to the old men of his village who had been in World War One – about the trenches and the fear and the horses they lived and worked with. And how he became interested in knowing more about the war and the horses and how that eventually became the book so many love.

He also answered questions from the audience. When asked how he got started writing he gave the credit to his wife. She had said to him, “You’re a good liar, you can surely write a good story!” Since then he has written more than a hundred books.

A wonderful evening.

Review by Julia Burrough