NODA review of Urinetown

Congratulations to Honiton Community Theatre Company for their NODA report for their summer production of Urinetown the Musical here at The Beehive. This is what they had to say:

“To pee or not to pee” was that the question in this “take notice” albeit unfortunately named musical about a water shortage which leads to a ban on private toilets. The Urine Good Company cash in on this unfortunate occurrence by charging the public a fee to pee!

Just about every feasible storyline from classic musicals was used for the evolvement of this show. Love, corruption, and the endearing child along with the rich and poor etc. were all gelled with a pleasing score, resulting in this humorous and extremely watchable tale that hit Broadway in 2001.

Opening scenes provided the desired effect of making the audience sit up and take notice. That crucial first five minutes gave a taste of the comedy, confident acting and perky, tight band, backing a cast with strong vocal ability. This was a production obviously rehearsed to be ‘stage ready’ on the first night! Just as it should be.

Partnerships were believable, showing excellent rapport. Officers Lockstock and Barrel bounced off each other with ease, delivering the appreciated, well timed comedy lines with an abundance of energy while Miss Pennywise left us in no doubt of her authority as she ruled her loos with a unsympathetic  iron hand.

Paired as the love interest, Bobby an attendant at Public Amenity 9 and Hope, daughter of UGC owner, Caldwell, (Jack Haig and Amelia Hibbert) gave convincing performances, proving themselves as the assured, expressive young actors they have turned out to be.

A relatively young chorus provided strength of singing usually associated with much larger numbers. Their accuracy and audible part singing was commendable. 

Finishing with an overall green message about saving the planet, this funny musical gave so much more than the title suggested. Despite predicted, smaller audiences, Honiton are to be congratulated for taking the bull by the horns and allowing the public to view this not so well known show, despite the rightly assumed financial consequences. 

Those put off by the title surely missed an absolute little gem!”

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