Help us to reach our target of £120,000

Total raised so far £55,000 (46%) [wppb progress=30]

The Beehive is a community asset and for it to be successful we need your support so that we can provide the very best facilities. We have a fundraising target of £120,000 to enable us to purchase the equipment that is needed. So far we have allocated the funds raised to date to purchase a stage, audio equipment, chairs and some kitchen equipment. Our next priority is to raise money for the cinema equipment since this is the one facility that everyone seems to agree would benefit the community. It would enable us to show the latest films, stream events from national venues and provide a much needed revenue source to make The Beehive self sustaining.

This is a list of the equipment that we have to purchase

£ %
Cinema Equipment 44,250 37
Theatre Lighting Systems 29,650 25
Audio Visual Systems 21,600 18
Stage, Curtains, Tabs 8,500 7
Tables & Chairs 6,000 5
Computer System 5,000 4
Kitchen Equipment 5,000 4
Total 120,000 100


If you can help please donate online at: