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Review: A Night at The Musicals

NODA Youth Review

“Bursting with local, young talent”

“Well it seems that, yet again, Honiton has shown how to put on a good show, although just from looking at the programme I knew the audience we were in for a real treat.  One of the things I love about Honiton Community Theatre Company is that it is bursting with local, young talent.  One of the great things about a compilations show is that there is a chance for everyone to shine, especially the younger ones that can be either too young or too small for roles in other shows.  Abi Jennings, Kayley Docherty and Lauren Craig gave some incredibly strong, individual, performances and the choreography throughout, not only, fitted each song perfectly but was also stunning, so huge congratulations to Sarah.  In a night of such quality, it can be hard to pick a highlight but “I Still Believe” was definitely one and was beautifully performed by Kirstie Dowel and Lauren Craig, both girls showed immense stage presence and both were completely in control of their voice and their performance.  Congratulations on a super show, I could tell that the audience thoroughly enjoyed it, I know I certainly did. ”