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Service charge dispute resolved with Town Council

Honiton Town Council and Honiton Community Complex, the charity which runs the Beehive for the community, have reached an agreement about how service charges are calculated.

Service charges, paid by the council, contribute towards the operating of the building and ongoing maintenance. The previous system had resulted in a disagreement in the way the two parties interpreted the lease agreement.

Now that a variation has been made to the lease, Honiton Town Council will pay a fixed quarterly amount to Honiton Community Complex.

Serena Sexton, Chair of the charity, said: “I am glad that this period of tension between the two parties is at an end.”

Councillor Zarcynski agreed that this is “a significant step forward and I am hopeful that we can work positively together in future for the benefit of the town.”

Alongside the agreed changes to the lease, the council have also paid a one-off grant of £15,000 to support the charity following the impact of Covid-19 and the required closure of venues.

The Beehive will reopen for some activities this month in line with the Government’s staged approach to easing lockdown restrictions.