The Advisory Board


To assist the charity in achieving its full potential as an outstanding arts venue and community resource we have established an Advisory Board which consists of a talented mix of people who can provide advice and guidance in such areas as:

Community relations, Performing Arts and Arts and Cultural activities, Youth and interest group development, Business, Finance and Law, Marketing and PR, Fundraising.


Members of the Advisory Board do not have any executive powers or authority and do not have any delegated financial responsibility. Membership of the Advisory Board is on a volunteer basis and members are required to concur with the objects and articles of Honiton Community Complex Charity (The Beehive).

Current Members of the Advisory Board

| Vivienne Ash | Anne Barratt, BEM | Kayley Docherty| Nicolas Maxwell- Lawford DLL|

John O’Leary, EDDC | Martin Staniforth |

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