You are currently viewing The Beehive’s first Art Exhibition “Absent Abbey 1201-1549”

The Beehive’s first Art Exhibition “Absent Abbey 1201-1549”

“Absent Abbey 1201 – 1549” is selected works by seven local artists who spent two years studying the historical records and physical remains of nearby Dunkeswell Abbey.

Each artist chose their own approach so the result is a fascinating assembly of work which tells both personal and historical stories. These stories include the architecture and building of the Abbey and the journeys taken by the first monks as they headed for Dunkeswell from Forde Abbey along ancient trackways. Further tales are told of plants and herbs associated with the Abbey and tracing the descendants of the Nor an founders family to the present day. A general theme is an attempt to imagine what life would have been like as a monk in those far-off times.

The artists belong to The Radicles group which is based at the studio of Camilla Nick RWA, in the  Blackdown Hills. The main body of work is concerned with the natural and man-made landscapes in the area. These are interpreted in contemporary and imaginative ways with the group working on common themes together with individual work.

The Exhibition continues until 12th October. Admission is free.

Photo shows The Radicles artists Derek Farndon and David Neal at the exhibition at The Beehive.