The Trustees of the Honiton Community Complex Charity are also Directors


Council Directors (max 2) nominated by Honiton Town Council together having no more than 19.9% of voting power.

Charity Directors (max 2) representing Charity Members (members of the public or organisations).

Appointed Directors, appointed by all the directors (no maximum).

No Directors/trustees receive financial remuneration for their time and efforts and therefore we are extremely grateful for their commitment.


Although not born and bred in the West Country, I have spent the last 36 years living and working in East Devon, most of this within the Honiton area.

I am qualified as a teacher and have worked in schools and universities in East and Mid Devon, Exeter and Australia; my final post was that of head teacher at The Topsham School, Exeter.

I have always had a keen interest in the arts, especially the performing arts. I have performed with many local musical societies and have had the privilege of performing at the O2, Royal Albert Hall and Brisbane City Hall. I am currently musical director for Axe Vale Singers.


I was born in Devon and won scholarships to Exeter School and Cambridge University where I was awarded an MA.  I worked in agriculture and have served as Chairman of the British Cattle Breeders Club and Chairman of the British Institute of Agricultural Consultants as well as Hon Treasurer of the Chartered  Institute of Arbitrators.

Much of this work has been in dispute resolution and in middle age, I passed the LLB (Batchelor of Laws) external examination of London University as well as the Fellowship examination of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. I have been chairman of small companies in the UK and South Africa.


I am a retired partner at Everys solicitors, and have been involved in many aspects of Honiton life including Chair of Governors at Honiton Primary School; Chairman of Honiton Rotary Club; Chairman of Honiton Chamber of Commerce; Founder Trustee of Honiton Millennium Green; Warden of Roundball Wood; and Steward of Allhallows and Honiton United Charities.

I was a member of Honiton Town Council for 8 years, serving as Town Mayor from 1998 to 2000. I am currently the Hon. Treasurer of the Arts Society Honiton and a volunteer at the Beehive, principally as Duty Manager.

I have lived in Honiton for nearly 40 years and throughout that time have tried to help improve the amenities of the Town and its attractions as a place to live. I believe that the Beehive is a tremendous asset to the Town. I want it to succeed and prosper, and I believe that the best way to do that is to commit myself by joining the Board as a Director/Trustee.


I am a retired Police Superintendent and used to manage a difficult police division in London. I worked in the policy and strategy departments at New Scotland Yard and also managed the complaints and discipline department in one of London’s 5 Areas.

I have also had roles as a management consultant, non-executive Director of an NHS Trust and as the CEO of a small charity in Somerset. I was the initiator and first Chairman of the Wiltshire County Neighbourhood Watch Committee and over the years have had various roles in the community, including the chairing of several committees and groups.


I’m enormously proud to continue supporting as a director of the Honiton Community Complex.

I have lived and worked in Honiton for all of my 41 short years now and simply could not envisage myself living anywhere else.

I was educated at the local community college and escaped with good grades and a lot of experience. I left college with vocational qualifications in event management & tourism and a keen interest in society and the way it chooses to spend free time. I am now in an amazing position as a college governor!

Tesco has been my life and love since 1997 and it has given me great opportunities to develop and hone my experience in service management, employment law and retail merchandising.

I currently live in Honiton with my husband James. We both have a keen interest in the arts, entertainment and culture. We are members of the British Museum, the National Trust and regular visitors to the National Gallery.

The Beehive is a huge community asset to our area. Its positivity is reflected in its various awards and commendations.


Having been a volunteer with a number of different organisations in the past, I’ve always felt it’s a rewarding experience and so, when I moved to Honiton seven years ago, I was pleased to find the recently completed Beehive was looking for local volunteers. I was keen to get involved. After first becoming a member of the BSEC team, I then went on to join the stewarding team. This gave me direct contact with the public and I found this a very fulfilling part of being a Beehive volunteer and it made me feel connected to our community.

I believe it is important for Honiton to have a focal point, which can provide the community with a stunning venue and which brings local people together. The Beehive does just that. Being part of the small dedicated team has given me the opportunity to become involved with so many different aspects of Honiton life and I feel becoming a Director is just another positive step for me. I’m really looking forward to being part of the Beehive small ambitious team of Directors. I want to help the Beehive build on the success it has achieved over the past seven years and help it move forward.


Moving from Suffolk to Devon five years ago to be closer to my family was how I discovered the Beehive.  Initially, it was as a customer, then a Steward, then behind the bar and also taking minutes for Board meetings. So, I join the Board with a working knowledge of Beehive activities. I also volunteer for the Exeter branch of Riding for the Disabled.

I’ve enjoyed a varied career from Airline Stewardess, PA to the London Vice President of Wells Fargo Bank, through a break to run my own yard of horses and qualify as an instructor for both astride and side saddle riding, returning to be Customer Services Manager for a national animal feed company and lastly working for a local council.

I regard retirement as an opportunity to put something back into the community and relish the challenges this brings.


I have been involved with the concept of a community centre in Honiton since 1989 when I attended the inaugural meeting and subsequently took part in many profile raising activities. Reflecting on the building that has been constructed, I am very proud of that groups’ achievements, although mine was but a small part.

The Beehive is a great focal point in Honiton bringing all aspects of the community together. From the young actors and musicians perfecting their craft, to town council meetings and fundraising events, it can all happen at The Beehive.

Being an engineer all of one’s life teaches you small things, such as the ability to listen to others, problem-solving, or how to make a good cup of tea. Actually, if you’ve ever tasted my tea you know that I’m still working on that.

I feel honoured to have been asked to be a charity director.

We thank all the previous Directors – 

Vivienne Ash Feb 2013 – Mar 2015
Vernon Whitlock Feb 2013 – Apr 2016
Marianne Harman Feb 2013 – Jul 2013
Nicholas Cornwell Feb 2013 – Jan 2014
Michael Teare Mar 2013 – Apr 2015
Lyn Hargood Apr 2013 – Oct 2014
David Hayler Apr 2015 – Sep 2015

Glenn Morgan Jul 2016 – Jan 2017
Roger Nix Oct 2016 –  Jul 2017
Martin Potts – Apr 2015 – Oct 2018
John Burgess – Feb 2013 – Nov 2018
David Perkins – Jul 2013 – Dec 2019
Barry Simmonds Apr 2015 – April 2021
Serena Sexton – Dec 2018 – April 2021

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