You are currently viewing Upottery Art Class Exhibition 30 Sep – 17 Oct 2022

Upottery Art Class Exhibition 30 Sep – 17 Oct 2022

Art Exhibition 30th September – 17th October 2022

Linda Palmer writes, “I started art classes in Upottery in 2007 after retiring from full-time art teaching in Maidenhead, Berkshire.  I moved here after early retirement and needed to continue to work, so after putting an advert in the local Parish magazine, I started with about seven students. This soon grew to over 35 people in 4 classes over two days a week.

After my husband died, the classes gave me great strength to carry on, and now, after Covid, the group is 13 strong on one full day a week in the Manor room in Upottery.  Covid has also affected the numbers, and students have moved away, become ill or died over the years, but at least 60% of the artists represented here have been with me for the entire 15 years. All of them share a love of art, and for one morning a week, they enjoy the chance to learn about a subject that most have not experienced since schooldays. The classes have covered every aspect of art and every media, and all the projects have been greeted with the same enthusiasm and determination as when they started!

The artwork on display at The Beehive during the exhibition 30th September – 17th October 2022 represents the choice of each individual in the class to exhibit their favourite paintings, drawings, or mixed media work.  My work will also be exhibited.”