Variety is the spice of life!

There are a great variety of things happening down at Honiton’s Beehive.

During the week, there are some fantastic dance classes going on and I would urge you to try them. I am a complete convert. As a woman who has always had two left feet, was thrown out of Ballet &Ballroom and never watched ‘Strictly..’ I left LeRoc  (8pm – 11pm on Thursdays), feeling staggered and elated that I had actually learnt a dance routine without maiming either myself or any of my dance partners, it felt great and it was terrific to be welcomed, despite my lack of skill and confidence, also brilliant to see people of all ages, sizes and skill, just having a ball! I thoroughly recommend it, a great way to get fit, so get your dancing pumps on and go!

I’m trying the Lindy Hop next, not so sure about the belly dancing but I did encounter a lot of glowing, happy, ladies leaving the class last night who said that they were having a great time.

When’s the dance off? (I think that is the expression)

Wendy Van der Plank