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Our new look by web designers in Exeter

You may be wondering who designed our new website and why we decided to revamp the design. We found that over time, our customers wanted a simplified experience and our old website design was fine for a while but needed a refresh. Our web designers in Exeter, Devon, have done a great job and the site now works better, loads faster and is easier to navigate, mostly thanks to the new design as well as a reduction of content that we edited down to be more readable and easier to find. Now, you can find new events coming up through the neat Events System and we will try and keep you up to date with the news in our new blog.

New ideas for our website design?

Let us now if you have any ideas as to how we can improve things further, and head over the Cube Lab to see other designs that the web designers have created for other businesses in Devon.

A personal message from our web designers

Here at Cube Lab, we use our experience of over 13 years in the design industry, to help businesses stand out from the crowd. Our small but perfectly-formed web design agency in Exeter in the Devon area and we specialise in web design and pretty much anything else that will help grow your business through carefully created graphic designs. Whether you are a small start-up business and based in Devon, looking to use digital graphic design tools to make an entry in the right way; or a well-established business that is looking to refresh their marketing efforts we can  help you. Contact cube lab in Devon for a chat and a quote.