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Zero to Landfill commitment at The Beehive

Honiton Community Complex Ltd, the charity running The Beehive in Honiton, has signed a contract with Devon Contract Waste to ensure none of the venue’s waste ends up in landfill.

Since opening in 2014, The Beehive has welcomed over 59,000 people to the building each year. The building is used by many community organisations and special interest groups and has a busy programme of cinema, shows, music gigs, comedy and other events.

The Beehive’s Operations Manager, Ian Browne said “We are always looking for ways to improve the way we manage our community venue. Like any venue, we get through a fair amount of plastic, cardboard and paper and disposing of our waste in the most environmentally-friendly way is important to us. The operations team at The Beehive agreed to champion a zero to landfill initiative. We have been reviewing suppliers, and are pleased to announce that we have signed a contract with Devon Contract Waste for their ‘Zero to Landfill’ solution.”

Devon Contract Waste is a provider of commercial waste management services in Devon and bordering areas of Cornwall and Somerset and was the first company to introduce Zero to Landfill solutions to the south-west region. All waste is processed for recycling, for example, plastics may be turned into new products such as carrier bags, bin liners and also fleeces, umbrellas, children’s toys and car bumpers.

Simon Almond, Managing Director at Devon Contract Waste said: “Our mission is to recycle as much waste as possible and support south west businesses to adopt a sustainable approach to waste management. Our Zero to Landfill service to The Beehive will ensure that all materials that can be recycled, are, with residual waste processed to generate energy. Our convenient mixed recycling collections are made by a single vehicle which reduces the waste pre-sorting required and minimises CO2 emissions. As an Exeter-based firm, we understand the needs of local organisations and we look forward to supporting The Beehive’s ongoing sustainability journey.”

For more information about Devon Contract Waste’s Zero to Landfill service, visit or call 01392 361300.